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Inner Design - Donna Accardo Transforming Your Life from the Inside Out

Donna Accardo

Transforming Your Life from the Inside, Out.

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About Donna

Donna Accardo, is a trained facilitator of Geotran, an energetic modality that reduces stress and anxiety, allowing people to be fully in choice in their lives.

In addition to Inner Design, Donna is a licensed architect and co-owner of Garrity +Accardo Architects in Gretna, LA. Her love of Architecture has given her a natural inclination to look for processes that give a clear blueprint of how to design an extraordinary life.

Donna offers personal sessions, workshops, and training opportunities for developing personal growth skills and learning to use energetic tools that empower individuals to create the lives that they most desire. By implementing the skills she has learned with this work, Donna feels she is a better architect, mother, wife, and friend. She has found a way to live with more focus, balance, and energy.

What Donna Stands For

The reason that she shares this work with others, is for people to live more consciously and with more choice in their lives. Her wish is to support you in living your life elegantly and skillfully, to help you achieve excellence at whatever you are here to do, and to do it with more joy and grace.

Donna's Success With Clients

Donna has helped and empowered people from all walks of life address an array of challenges and find integrated solutions, from overcoming limiting beliefs and patterns in one’s personal life, to creating new success plans for businesses.

Inner Design - Donna Accardo Trained Facilitator of Geotran

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Discovery Session

Here, Donna will converse with you about an aspect of your life that you wish was designed more elegantly. Then, she will ask you to describe what you would LOVE to be happening instead. Following, she will share some tools that will support your specific needs and give you an experience with this energetic work.
Sessions lasts: 30 minutes in person - See calendar

Individual Sessions

Sessions provide energetic field work specifically in response to the changes you are looking to make. This is a graceful, yet transformational process that immediately allows you to be in more action and choice in your life.
Sessions lasts: approximately 90 minutes - See calendar

Group Sessions

This is a way to set an intention for yourself, explore the blocks and the possibilities within a group dynamic. The group will use the tools they have learned in a practical way to move forward and manifest their individual goals. This is a limited, closed group of people. Some groups are small with 3-5 members (ex: Conscious Business Group), some are larger with 10-20 members (ex: Wellness Group).
Group sessions are offered periodically with pricing and timing that varies - See calendar

Monthly Offerings
Conscious Living Meetup Group

Monthly Group meetup is open to all. The meeting includes a combination of energetic field work, the art of questioning, and self awareness practices. These are to help you to have a deeper relationship with yourself, others, and what your life is calling you towards.
Meetup lasts 90 minutes - See calendar

Courses Offered

Donna offers opportunities to learn the energetic tools that she uses with her clients so that you can be empowered to use them on yourself.
Course sessions are offered with pricing and timing that varies - See calendar

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